What are some diet plans for morbidly obese people?

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by triblondon

Question by N: What are some diet plans for morbidly obese people?
I have an emotional attachment to food. When I’m stressed, sad, scared, lonely, or whatever I will start eating a lot of junk food. I have piled on the weight over the years and I’m over 300 pounds now. I don’t know where to go or what to do. Are there guidelines or diet plans for morbidly obese people?

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Answer by girlonline64
I found sparkpeople.com to be very helpful for me. It gives me diet plans and a ton of friend support. I have lost quite a bit of weight using it as a tool.

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3 Responses to “What are some diet plans for morbidly obese people?”
  1. SnowWhite says:

    There is only one diet for everyone. Eat less and move more.

    But I’d say the first step for you is to get support. Find an online community that’s supportive (3fatchicks.com are very nice and very supportive) Be careful not to go on message boards that have A-holes in them. Go to weight watchers meetings. The best thing you can do right now is to find people who are like you and who want to lose the weight. If you can get in touch with someone who was like you and is now thin, that’d be the best! But if that’s not available right now, go online, weight watchers, OA meetings. If you can afford it, go see a therapist who is supportive and motivating. You can’t do it all on your own. That would be hell. Get as much support as you can around you and kick everyone who has negative thoughts out of your life.

    I am really glad to see you are reaching out. You’re on the right path buddy & a thinner you is possible.

  2. DR + Mrs Bears face says:

    All diets work for everyone.
    We all have the same problems so stop using the excuse that you are a special case and it is more difficult for you. It isn’t.
    Join a slimming club for support. If there are none near you buy a magazine dedicated to slimming from the newsagents and get together with a friend and diet together. Weigh each other once a week. You can both encourage each other thru the bad days and the competition will keep you going.
    Stop making excuses and start dieting.
    I am not talking out of the top of my head. I am a lifetime weight watchers member so have been there. The hardest time was when my pregnancy ended with no baby. In that situation you do turn to comfort eating. But you can come thru the other side and end up slim amd enjoying life.
    Start now.

  3. John Harde says:

    Its very hard to control food intake when having an emotional attachment to food; I know what you feel. But it’s good already that you realize that this is your problem. Perhaps more exercise will help controlling your weight; but in any case I think no exercise or diet will succeed unless you address the root cause; your emotional attachment to food. I have the same problem, and found that especially at home Im very prone to compulsive, emotional over-eating.

    I found it helpful to be with people which distracts and suppresses the need to eat. Also any activities that require you to be out of your normal surrounding is great to help distract me from food. It does not resolve the problem, but to an extend I have managed to keep at least my weight reasonable stable. A support group like suggested before may help.

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